Models & Miniatures in Paper
A dark cloud had fallen across the land, Paperworlds had been hacked again and no one knew if it would return. Many poser groups sprung up to fill the void and Squirmydad was roused from his slumber....First he created a new yahoo group so that the showcases, which had been slumbering as well, would have their own home. Then he contacted his friend Chuck Conroy and asked him to sponsor a year of showcases, which he did. Because nothing makes people more eager to participate than a cash prize at the finish line. Then he changed the name to better reflect the showcase’s actual entries.
I took a new approach this time around and quit polling for topics after a few months as it was still difficult to get people to participate and say what they wanted. I also restarted the showcases on the wrong number (#18) and went back and did a pickup showcase called “Lost!” to fill in #17, this confused many people which I found very entertaining.
At the end of the year there was a grand finale showcase with four categories and a “Best of Show” Grand prize winner, with gift certificates for every category winner.
Showcase #18 -  Armies of Mythology and
                                            Fantastic Creations.
Download the Armies of Mythology Compilation Download the Fantastic Creations entries Showcase #19 - Starships Showcase #21 - When Worlds Collide Showcase #22 - Pulp Heroes
Nebeltex of Paper Tiger Armaments was also one of the major sponsors for the year in MMiP. Check out his site here;
Showcase #20 - Sports! Showcase #17 - Lost!
  It’s presented in this order as this was about the time I realized my showcase numbering mistake. The theme was pretty open and involved anything lost. Showcase #23 - Victorian Armies of Europe Showcase #24 - 3UP (3D objects and props) Showcase #25 - Dark Secrets Showcase #26 - 2.5D Monstrous Challenge Showcase #27 - Fortress
Showcase #28 - Grand Finale
To end the year of showcases with a bang I created four categories for people to enter. The turnout was absolutely astounding! After this showcase I hung up my hat as administrator and let the MMiP’s rest. They started up again a few months later, but that’s a story for another day.
2.5D Creations Category Download Page 3D Models Category Download Page Flat Figures Category Download Page  Boardgames & Counter Sets
Category Download Page
Sadly, a few months after the Models & Miniatures in Paper Grand Finale Showcase ended Stevemike’s ceased to be. Stevemike appears to have fallen into some financial trouble and was trying to maintain the site at great personal expense. Many people donated funds towards it’s continued operation and it was in the process of transferring to another server when something went awry...and there was a vast silence in the deep.
Some other Papermodel groups became more active, new little groups sprang up like mushrooms, all trying to find that elusive spirit that made such a great place to hang out. The one that’s recaptured the spirit the best, and sent it spinning in fun new directions, is Claudio’s Paper Worlds, of
The Showcases have also restarted under the direction of RJStacey64 (Hey Ray!) and discussions of showcases, entries and possible future showcase themes take place in both the Paper Worlds MMiP forum and on the Yahoo MMiP group.
So please, download, enjoy, discuss, and participate. Thanks for dropping by! :)