4th Era
    This section is for the final year of Models & Miniatures in Paper and was managed by the indestructible Ray Stacey. Ray did a wonderful job after resurrecting the showcases after my semi-retirement and worked very hard to mobilize and inspire many artists both new and old. We worked as a duo with myself as producer and Ray filled the function of the general manager and was responsible for setting the tone and direction of each showcase. It was great fun having someone to work with on the showcases for a change.
     But, like many good things, the showcases came to an end again.
The second birth of Paperworlds closed and has become an archive and Claudio has refocussed his site and his energies into Papermakeit.
One-Monk now has his own site and manages a monthly forum “Hoard” of paper models and miniatures submitted by the forum members. That can be found here;
           So with that, as the torchbearer for Miniatures in Paper, I must say adieu.
                                   So long and thanks for all the great work.
                                                                                                       -Eric Brown, 2009
Showcases #29 - #45
Ray Stacey