Models & Miniatures in Paper
Once upon a time someone said, “Wouldn’t it be fun if....” And that’s how these things start. Jim Hartmann started the showcases back in March of 2003 originally at the Brabantini yahoo group. Since then it’s undergone a few changes both in format and ownership.
This archive is unfortunately incomplete. I doubt if I have all of the artist information correct, and it’s possible I may have misplaced a few entries over the last four years. Also, I am short on images of the completed models and would welcome completed pictures of old entries to add to this archive.
#1 - #9
Year one, the creation, the time of ONE-MONK.
#10 - #16
Year two (and a half), the ascension of Squirmydad.
Year three, the year of Models & Miniatures in Paper.
#17 - #28
The Sponsor
Visions in Paper
Miniatures in Paper
Models & Miniatures in Paper
#29 - #45
Models & Miniatures
in Paper - Last Call
Year 4.5, the era of Ray Stacey.