Squirmydad’s First Year
For the tenth through sixteenth showcases I tried switching over to a two-month format to give designers more time to complete their work. Unfortunately it just led to a deterioration of interest. After Showcase #16 I let the project quietly die.
Showcase #10 - Starship Captains & Crew Showcase #11 - Steamtanks & Landships
Showcase #12 - Nations of WW2
Download the Compilation Showcase #13 - Fantasy Naval
Showcase #14 - Dark Ages & Vikings
Showcase #15 - SF Tanks & Vehicles
Showcase #16 - Napoleon in Egypt
Download the Compilation Download the Compilation
During this time period Paperworlds got a new spiffy look and was repeatedly hacked.
Download the single entry  *Glenn Williams now has his own papermodel business;
Finger & Toe Models
I was tired at this point and so the showcases took a brief hiatus.
            (Continued as Models & Miniatures in paper)